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Saint Valentine at Boutique Hotel View

Book a room today for the weekend of St Valentine & indulge in Mademoiselle Chene's delicious vegan brunch & St Valentines 3-course menu. A magical & gastronomic experience made with elements of the forest.

Mademoiselle Chene will serve you a well composted 3-course menu based on natural elements from the forest. Please see the Menu below. The dinner starts off with an Amuse bouche & Sparkling drink and ends with a hot cocktail to accompany the delicious truffle dessert.

- Dinner will me served in your room on saturday & sunday evening
- Sleep in on the Valentines (Sunday) morning and enjoy Mademoiselle Chene revitalizing brunch in bed. You can look forward to a local, joyful & healthy brunch. A real power-trip to wake up to.

You will find Mademoiselle Chene's brunch at the hotel every Sunday, this as long as she is in town and the brunch is also available for take away orders.

Get ready to be treated!